Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bear Blues happen?

Bear Blues will start on Friday 25th August and run until Sunday 27th August 2017.

I have a ticket and cannot make it! Can I resell?

If you paid and can no longer make it, let us know via email asap. We will give the ticket to the next person on our long waiting list and refund you. Please don’t resell your ticket randomly. We’d like to keep our ticketing process as fair as possible.

Will you sell door tickets?

No, there won’t be any door tickets available. Our parties will be closed events for the people who booked a ticket beforehand.

How big is Bear Blues going to be?

Bear Blues will be a small event. We’re having 70 spots for you. We’re trying to balance the leader follower ratio as good as possible, so it might happen that there’s a waitlist for one dance role but not for the other.

Will you be organizing Hosting?

We will not be organizing hosting directly, but we encourage anyone who needs hosting to ask on the Bear Blues Exchange Facebook event. We know that there are loads of lovely people in Berlin who will want to host our out of town visitors!

I did not receive a Payment Details Email! Help?

First of all, relax! We’re only human. The Payment details email might take up to 24 hours to arrive. If you still have not got one after 24 hours then check your Spam folder. If it is not in there, then please send a follow up email to

What is the criteria for a Low Cost Ticket?

We don’t want to set rules as everyone’s circumstances are different and we want this event to be open and accessible to all those in the European Blues community. The number of Low Cost tickets we can offer depends on the number of Supporter tickets we can sell. So if you think you can afford an extra €15 for the Full Price ticket, you will also be freeing up Low Cost tickets for those people who are struggling to pay!

Can we register as a couple?

We are not providing partnered registration. If you want to come as a couple or as a group, please make sure that every member of your party registers in time! If your partner or friend cannot register right now, you can register them.