Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bear Blues happen?

Bear Blues will start on Friday 9th August and run until Sunday 11th August 2018. (To be honest, it normally runs well into Monday…)

When will registration open?

Registration will open in the first half of 2019.

How much will the passes be?

Last year, the tickets for the Bear Blues Exchange 2018 were €50 per person. We expect the price to be about the same but will update you all closer to the time.

Will you be offering low-cost tickets this year?

No. Last year our regular tickets were €50 per person which most people found very accessible.

If you will be struggling to afford attending, do please do contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

I hear that you ran a lottery for tickets – how did that work?

Tickets were be allocated based on a lottery of everyone who has registered by Sunday 20th 2018 at 9pm Berlin time.

In simple terms, we took everyone who had registered by 9pm on Sunday 20th, mixed them up and then drew them out one by one to create a list. We then offered tickets to people in the list starting at the top and worked down until we ran out of tickets. Everyone else on the list was on the waiting list and were offered tickets in order once someone did not pay or pulled out of the event.

Why run a lottery at all?

Most events operate on a first-register-first-to-get-a-pass principle. This is a very simple system but means that there is a mad dash for tickets with some events selling out within minutes. We think this can be unfair to those people who do not have time or the means to get tickets booked for them exactly as registration opens.

I want to register with a partner. Is that possible?

If you absolutely will not attend without another person, you must both mention each other on the registration form. You will then be entered into the lottery as a single entry.

Will there be hosting?

We will do our best to try and find hosting for people who need it but we cannot guarantee anything.

This is a “Blues and Fusion” festival – how much of this “fusion music” will there be?

The vast majority of the music that will be played will be blues music. Now, there are many genres of Blues music and we do intend to cover a wide range of them! We are also not purists – so there might also be some not-strictly-blues music by blues artists or other music with a “bluesy feely” that is not strictly Blues thrown into Blues music offering.

As for Fusion music – for this festival we regard any music that is not blues or at least bluesy to be “Fusion Music”. This could include things like Tango, Hip-hop, EDM or even Showtunes! Expect fusion music either to be in its own room alongside a main blues room or if played as a main feature to be late.

If you are interested in Fusion dancing, maybe you should check out our winter Ice Bear Exchange.